The Road to Smart Factory

Nacka, Sweden

2022 - 2024

Atlas Copco is one of the largest companies in Sweden, and globally within the top 200. The sheer size of such a company means there is an incredible need for content production, on a limited budget however. Our task was therefore to help not only build an in-house content creation team as well as production studios from scratch, but also to streamline the whole production process.
Efficiently designing and creating an inspiring work environment, we were able to put into operation a state of the art broadcast/interactive studio as well as a production studio. Equipped with the latest filmmaking and broadcasting gear, it laid the foundations of a successful creative in-house team within Atlas Copco, the first of its kind in the entire organisation. Not only that, but we also educated current employees to use some of the equipment to be able to make their own content on a cost-friendly level.
Delivering over 200 projects during an 18-month period, including amongst others new product launches and global commercials, live streams and webinars, customer cases, interviews with the CEO to interns and everyone in between, commercial product photos and social media content, it is safe to say that the risk the company took on this in-house production project was more than worthwhile – a complete success. Today, we proudly leave behind an extremely competent creative team, with a big potential for further growth.

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